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This is a listing of plants from our living collection. We have an active exchange program with other arboreta and botanical institutions worldwide, including publishing an Index Seminum and regular plant sales, but that is the extent of our distribution.

Additional information and questions about the plant collections of The Dawes Arboretum or general questions about the care of plants can be emailed to information@dawesarb.org.

This online search portal returns woody plants planted on the grounds in the living collections. It does not include nursery or bonsai material. The plant records database at the time of this export consists of 12,384 living collection plants. These consist of 4,868 unique names (taxa) belonging to 77 plant families.

How to Search

Type the name of the plant you are looking for to display a list of results containing just that name. % can be used as a wildcard character. Not case sensitive. Separate cultivar names from species names with the wildcard (i.e., pinus strobus%fastigiata).