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Groups & Scouts

The Dawes Arboretum offers high-quality program tours for adult groups such as garden clubs, senior centers, historical centers, and many other clubs, organizations and schools.

Guided Walking Tour

Whether you are a group of avid gardeners seeking to gain horticultural knowledge or simply want a guided stroll through a historic landscape of remarkable beauty, our staff works with you to provide a memorable experience.  Tours cost $2 per person (minimum $30 per group) and last approximately 60 minutes. Request your tour online.

Wagon Tour

There is always something in bloom at The Arboretum. Sit back and enjoy this 45-minute narrated tour and learn about our collection areas, fun facts and history. The tour costs $50 per wagon, with a maximum tour size 60 people with two wagons. Request your tour online.

Daweswood House Tour

Once the country home of Arboretum co-founders Beman and Bertie Dawes, the Daweswood House is an amazing museum filled with 19th and early 20th century antiques, collectibles and photographs that reflect the lifestyle and collecting interests of the founding family. This 45-minute guided tour costs $2 per person with a minimum of 15 guests. Request your tour online or click here to learn more about the Daweswood House Museum.

Step-on Guide for Bus Tour

Enjoy a narrated tour from the comforts of your tour bus. Learn about the happenings in the collection areas and tidbits of our history. This 45-minute tour costs $100 per bus. Request your tour online.

Maple Syrup Madness Tour at the Dawes Arboretum

Learn about the history of maple sugaring and how maple syrup is made on a 30-minute, docent-led, walk to the Log Cabin where a delicious sample of homemade syrup awaits all.  Groups of ten or more can request their free tour online.

Maple Syrup Madness Road Show

The Arboretum travels to your site, complete with visual aids, a colorful slideshow and a delectable maple syrup tasting at the end.  Program fee is travel cost only. Request your show online.

Senior Center Outreach

Let us bring The Arboretum to you!  An exciting variety of programs are offered from birds or butterflies to a virtual tour of the grounds.  Enjoy nature through these fun and informative programs.

Arboretum Staff Presentations

Our experts are available to present a wide variety of plant, gardening, history and nature-related talks and demonstrations to your community group, garden club or special-interest society. Schedule your program by calling 740.323.2355.


Work toward a badge or belt loop while participating in popular activities at The Arboretum. Click here for our 2013 Education Kids Brochure, our calendar of events or plan a specific program for American Heritage Girls.

  • Dip for aquatic life
  • Observe animal specimens
  • Explore forests
  • Study plant life
  • Witness our maple syrup production
  • Hunt for a geocache
  • Experience history
  • Venture on a day or night hike