For parents who are considering signing your child(ren) up for a day camp this summer, you might be asking yourself, “Is summer camp that important?” Here are 25 reasons why we think summer day camps are great:camp dawes

  1. Being a young explorer and discovering things about the natural world
  2. Sometimes it’s okay to get your hands dirty… science is fun!
  3. Art and nature go hand-in-hand
  4. Making new friends
  5. Learning about creatures big and small
  6. Water games!
  7. Find out why the environment is important to protect
  8. Singing camp songs
  9. Hiking in the woods
  10. Wading in streams
  11. Did we mention there is a Plants Vs. Zombies camp?!
  12. Every day is a new adventure
  13. BUGS.  They’re awesome.wilderness camp
  14. Ancient Indian Mounds
  15. Experience and learn about a variety of ecosystems
  16. Identifying plants and trees
  17. The Discovery Center
  18. Fun and cool camp counselors
  19. Mammals and Reptiles and Birds–oh my!
  20. Fresh air and sunshine!
  21. Exercise
  22. Hands-on activities
  23. Get (and maybe decorate!) a cool T-shirt
  24. Visits from experts
  25. Sharing the knowledge with parents and siblings at home

Camp Dawes Week IMany of The Arboretum’s campers walk through the door, shy, a bit nervous and unaware of the natural environment that surrounds them. By the end, they become confident, make fast friends, and at times, we practically have to drag the kids out of the woods to come inside! Seeing campers’ faces light up as they spot turtles in the pond or shout with excitement at the prospect of catching a frog is priceless. These are unique and special experiences that can begin to form a child’s love and interest in nature–and learning–for years to come.

Research conducted by American Camp Association (ACA) has found that children who go to camp have experiences that will help them as adults. Ninety-six percent of campers interviewed said that going to camp helped them make new friends, and ninety-three percent said that they got to know kids who were different from them. Ninety-two percent said going to camp increased their self-esteem, and seventy-four percent said they gained the courage to try things they were at first afraid to do. Knowing this motivates The Arboretum to offer as many camps as possible during the summer with topics that capture all kinds of interests.

Camps that are fun, educational and affordable are at the core of our offerings. Camp Dawes, which focuses on exploring the natural environment, still has openings available for this summer. Campers wade through streams, hike the grounds and learn about the environment though games and crafts. Currently, we offer additional camps that are vehicles for creative expression, such as Garden Artists, or capitalize on what grabs a child’s interest today, like Plants vs. Zombies!  Each themed camp exposes the campers to new skills and boosts learning though play in a safe and nurturing environment.  It also encourages physical activity as the children spend time outdoors.  These new-found habits and skills should extend beyond camp, as noted by the ACA.  Reflecting on all of these great attributes of camp might cause us all to wish we could spend a summer at day camp!

View our calendar now to register your child(ren) today!

Interested in reading more about the camps we offer?  Click here to view a PDF of camp descriptions and find the right one for your child(ren).

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