It’s as if someone creeps out in the middle of the night with paint buckets full of rich reds, oranges and yellows and a strong desire to paint every leaf in sight.  The change happens so suddenly.  One day we’re sitting outside enjoying the green of summer and the next we’re knee-deep in autumn, admiring the beautiful colors it has to offer.  It’s hard not to love this change of season…that is, until those leaves start to fall on your pristine yard, meaning raking, raking and more raking.

Lucky for all of us, there’s a way to take the hard work out of autumn while going “green” at the same time.  Instead of burning your leaves or bagging them and paying someone to throw them away, try mulching them.  Leaves contain phosphorus which encourages strong root development and resilience during winter.  Along with providing nutrients for your grass, mulched leaves help the soil retain moisture, protecting your yard from dry stretches next summer.  Not only does this make sure your grass is always greener, it means less wasteful watering later.

Mulching leaves is simple.  All you have to do is mow over them with whatever mower you have handy.  Don’t let the leaves pile up for too long before you mow, however, as a thick layer can smother the grass.  Once you start, it may take several passes to chop the leaves to a small enough size.  After the leaves are nicely sliced and diced, the worms and other insects take over the process.  As they break down the leaves, the energy and nutrients are released back into the lawn making it healthier than ever.

Don’t throw around money for fertilizer, instead throw around leaves and try this organic way to strengthen your yard this autumn.