DSC_7935This will be a shortened description this week with Plant Sale coming up Saturday.  Lots of prep work yet to go.

And still lots of color to see – although the landscape there are a lot of different greens to see – but I know most don’t want to look at a color so boringly natural as green so where are the highlights this week?

The Daweswood House has Renaissance Vanhoutte spirea blooming heavily.  And just east of the house is the Park Woods where lots of rhododendron are strutting.

In the North End some flowering dogwood still show colorful bracts but are quickly coming to an end.   Around the Dawes Memorial there are more exclamation points like the golden weeping European beech.  This upright weeper glows like a lighthouse.  Also making color in North End are doublefile viburnum, a 12’ redvein enkianthus (tallest I’ve seen) with cream and pink bell-like flowers.  A hybrid dogwood called Aurora® is in flower east of the memorial as well as a variegated flowering dogwood called Homan’s Golden with yellow and green leaves.

The buckeye and horse-chestnut collection is NOW!  Brilliant pink, red, white flowers spikes on rounded forms.  Quite the view.  A red horse-chestnut (A. x carnea) having more pink than red flowers, at the top of Pershing Avenue brightens this area well.

The Azalea Glen located just south of the Visitor Center is close to peak.  Many colors and hues with lots of opportunity for brilliant close ups or fantastic landscape pictures with rhododendron and azalea.  One azalea blooming now is a bright orange selection called Gibraltar.  There are few who don’t admire it and many ask its name.

Near the parking Japanese Garden parking lot and out in the Magnolia area are small shrubby trees called oriental photinia.  White flowers, small but covered top to bottom.

The flowering shrub collection is spotted throughout with viburnum, lilac, and Winter King one of the better hawthorns.  Top of hill before reaching Pershing Avenue the shiny leaf yellowhorn is still in color showing cool weather is great for flower longevity – just not too cool!

Not flowering  but the foliage of Amur maackia shimmers in the morning light with silver gray leaves. Quite the contrast against all those other boring greens.