'Red Prince'2This is an informal blooming journal from Director of Horticulture Mike Ecker. For specific information on the location mentioned below, please call 740.323.2355 or email us at information@dawesarb.org.

Well, things aren’t as riotous as they have been but don’t let that keep you from touring the grounds!  Still lots to see.  In fact some things from the last couple weeks are still looking good thanks to the cool weather.  Some areas such as the Azalea Glen, Rhododendrons across from Daweswood House and in the North End west of the Memorial are still very pretty.

Coppertina ™ ninebark is nicely shows with its purple and copper highlights, pink flower clusters.

Weigela, however you wish to pronounce it, are very pretty coloring the lower section of Holly Hill.  The dark evergreen hollies make a beautiful backdrop for their flowers!  The Phenology Garden at the Jones House has Red Prince weigela in full bloom, one of my favorites.  This garden’s volunteers are recording and weeding which has greatly improved its looks.

Many around grounds, but especially Entrance, Flowering Shrub collection, Azalea Glen and Visitors Center, kousa dogwood are in full bloom.  Summer Stars at Entrance is a knock out.  In the North End just south and east of the Dawes memorial is a hybrid dogwood called Venus® has especially large flower bracts that are about 4” across – the tree is very young, only 4’ tall.

Along with the KnockOut roses at Center Point, the Daweswood House has Carefree Beauty rose which is another favorite of mine.  It blooms and blooms, takes a break, and then blooms again in fall.  It does what a rose should do.

Still attractive are lilac, viburnum, especially the arrowwood selections, in Flowering Shrub collection.  Oneida viburnum looks nice in flower but so-so in the smell category.  As an olfactory alternative Natchez mock orange is covered top to bottom with flowers that smell great!