This is an informal blooming journal from Director of Horticulture Mike Ecker. For specific information on the location mentioned below, please call 740.323.2355 or email us at

Blooming Now – April 16, 2013!

  • The witch-hazels are done. I guess 4 months of blooming was enough.
  • Most cherriescherries are in full bloom – Japanese Garden and Dawes Lake are spectacular now. The large trees in flower at the west end of the Garden are Accolade flowering cherry while the smaller pink ones to the north are Sargent cherries.
  • Forsythia is still in full bloom. The Orchard and down hill from the sundial are a fairyland.
  • Early rhododendron in the Azalea Glen, around Dawes Memorial and Daweswood house are very colorful.
  • Magnolia are in full bloom and outstanding this year! The magnolia area near Rare Tree Collection is very bright and cheery but then magnolias are spotted around the grounds here and there as well. As temperature warms fragrance will be another fabulous feature. Butterflies magnolia is a yellow flowering form on north side of Daweswood House whose buds are swelled but not quite open – but when it does….
  • Winter-hazel (Corylopsis) in Witch-hazel area and Azalea Glen are still resplendent.
  • The Pieris collection area north of Rare Trees is very nice and most are still in full bloom.
  • The redbuds are beginning to emerge and in a few days will be open. A nice tree out toward the Event Terrace and others can be seen as well in near the Entrance, Buckeye collection, Visitors Center and All Season Garden.
  • The bright yellow flowers of Cornelian-cherry dogwood are done for another year but the flowering dogwoods are showing buds that will probably be open next week.magnolia
  • The flowering shrub collection (Hawthorn Hill) is colorful with flowering plum, Okame flowering cherry (darker and almost finished but still pretty). Serviceberry are just about out which will light up that garden’s hillside like a beacon.