Creating a Savanna Habitat Takes Time and Imagination

By Shana Byrd, Director of Land Conservation Can you imagine gently flowing grasslands as far as the eye could see? Many years ago, this was indeed the dominant ecosystem of much of the Midwest, with prairie grasslands covering 150 million of acres.  This massive ecosystem was formed by the retreat of glaciers, creating ideal soil […]

Calling All Monarch Enthusiasts!

By Livia Raulinaitis, Conservation Research Technician The time has come again for The Dawes Arboretum to participate in the annual Monarch Watch initiative! Now through mid-October, staff and volunteers will be rearing and tagging Monarch Butterflies in preparation for their great migration to Mexico. We invite you to become involved in this effort by bringing […]

Monarchs at The Dawes Arboretum

By Livia Raulinaitis, Conservation Research Technician How well do you know the Monarch butterfly? Many recognize its iconic wing pattern, but few realize that this small animal is truly amazing! Over its 30-day maturation cycle, this creature will begin in an egg less than 1 mm wide, grow to a 5 cm-long caterpillar and then […]

Ten Reasons Why Camp Dawes is Awesome

By Jill Holton-Arrasmith, Marketing Manager Camp Dawes day camp sessions start next week, and we are looking forward to another successful camp season.  We still have spaces in some of our camp sessions.  Now is the perfect time to register for a summer adventure at Camp Dawes.  Not sure if day camps at The Arboretum […]

Maple Syrup Days: A Traditional Favorite with Some New Twists

By Sarah Mill, Director of Education With the last of the freezing nights and the beginning of sap flow, maple trees are tapped for their sweet sap which is boiled down into delicious maple syrup. At the Arboretum this signifies the beginning of Maple Syrup Days, our annual celebration featuring guided tours, maple syrup samples […]

Why Prescribed Burns Benefit Native Ecosystems

by Shana Byrd, Director of Land Conservation at The Dawes Arboretum & Ohio Certified Prescribed Fire Manager Historically, fire has been a natural feature of the landscape, helping to shape plant communities, promote diversity and favor the unique species that depend on fire to complete their life cycles.  For many years, fire suppression led to […]

Celebrating Fall at The Dawes Arboretum

By Mari Ann Moore, Marketing Associate Walking through the Arboretum, you are sure to hear the crunch of the autumn foliage underneath your feet. The trails are being dusted by the crisp leaves as they jump off the trees to celebrate the season. Touring the grounds, you will experience the best part of celebrating fall […]

The Differences between a Park and an Arboretum

By Mari Ann Loucks, Marketing Associate As a new employee at The Dawes Arboretum, I often had to explain to my friends and family that a park is different from an arboretum. Merriam-Webster defines an arboretum as “a place where trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants are cultivated for scientific and educational purposes.” In other words, […]

Use Our New App to Guide Your Visit

By Jill Holton Arrasmith, Marketing Manager We are always looking for ways to our improve visitors’ experiences.  This spring we are rolling out a new tool that should do just that.  The Arboretum’s free mobile app made its debut at the Arbor Day Festival on April 28. The app features information about points of interest […]

The History of Arbor Day at The Dawes Arboretum

By Sarah Aisenbrey, Archivist  Not only does the month of April bring warmer weather and spring blooms throughout The Arboretum, it also includes two of our favorite holidays, Earth Day and Arbor Day.  Each year, we invite the public to celebrate trees and all the ways they make our lives better, during The Dawes Arboretum […]