Land Conservation Behind-The-Scenes

By Holly Latteman, Conservation Project Manager Greetings from the Land Conservation Department! Ever wonder what goes on in the Horticulture building? Keep reading for a behind the scenes view of our department! Recently, our newest Environmental Professional Residents began working alongside staff members, learning valuable skills in the field of conservation and completing independent projects […]

Creature Comforts

By Holly Latteman, Conservation Project Manager As temperatures start to fall, we pull out our winter jackets, gloves and scarves to participate in outdoor activities. However, how do the animals of The Arboretum stay warm? If you have been enjoying The Arboretum grounds recently and spotted a bird with a scarf, please let me know! […]

Bringing Birds to the Table

By Holly Latteman, Conservation Project Manager Thanksgiving is a holiday filled to the brim with great food and company, but what about our feathered friends? While we are filling our bellies with cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie, consider placing a bird feeder in your yard. A variety of different bird feeders are on the market […]

Reforestation at The Dawes Arboretum

By Jessie Dickson, Environmental Professional Resident As we slowly approach fall, many may be walking The Arboretum admiring the transformation from a green oasis to a palette of deep reds and orange hues with pops of yellow–the ideal location to watch summer wave goodbye. You may notice when driving by our grounds or visiting the […]

Why Is Our Grass So Long?

By Peter Lowe, Director of Landscape Operations Why is your grass so long? This question surfaces often in landscapes and gardens that put high value on conservation. While to the untrained eye, these areas may seem forgotten, unmanaged, unmaintained and downright unruly, a deeper inspection reveals these areas have been identified for their ecological and […]

River Round Up Recap

By Jessie Dickson, Environmental Professional Resident Have you ever wondered how much of an impact your actions can have on the planet? I know many, including myself, are often so worried about whether our small daily actions to help to environment are truly making a difference. I want to write this blog as not only […]

Daily Adventures at The Dawes Arboretum

By Mari Ann Moore, Marketing Associate The Dawes Arboretum spans nearly 2,000 acres, leaving plenty to do and to see on all of your visits. However, this summer there are additional opportunities to engage with The Arboretum! Join a guided walking tour daily at 10am to explore various portions of The Arboretum. These tours last […]

Why Prescribed Burns Benefit Native Ecosystems

This post was previously published on our blog on January 30, 2018. by Shana Byrd, Director of Land Conservation at The Dawes Arboretum & Ohio Certified Prescribed Fire Manager Historically, fire has been a natural feature of the landscape, helping to shape plant communities, promote diversity and favor the unique species that depend on fire […]

Creating a Savanna Habitat Takes Time and Imagination

By Shana Byrd, Director of Land Conservation Can you imagine gently flowing grasslands as far as the eye could see? Many years ago, this was indeed the dominant ecosystem of much of the Midwest, with prairie grasslands covering 150 million of acres.  This massive ecosystem was formed by the retreat of glaciers, creating ideal soil […]

Calling All Monarch Enthusiasts!

By Livia Raulinaitis, Conservation Research Technician The time has come again for The Dawes Arboretum to participate in the annual Monarch Watch initiative! Now through mid-October, staff and volunteers will be rearing and tagging Monarch Butterflies in preparation for their great migration to Mexico. We invite you to become involved in this effort by bringing […]