By Mari Ann Moore, Marketing Associate

With the gift giving season upon us, it can be easy to get lost among the ribbons, bows, and endless shopping lists. To help, we have compiled the ultimate gift guide for the nature lover or Arboretum addict in your life. All of these items can be purchased in our gift shop, located in the Visitors Center.

  1. Dawes Arboretum Membership

The ultimate gift: A membership to The Dawes Arboretum. Arboretum members receive special benefits, such as a discount at the gift shop and plant sales, a discounted rate when signing up for our programs, free Daweswood House Museum tours, free catch-and-release fishing at Dawes Lake, a discount at select retailers, a coupon for a one year subscription to Better Homes and Gardens and more!

  1. Cookie Cutters

Turning on the oven and making cut out cookies is one of the best ways to enjoy the season. We have a variety of cookie cutters in different shapes, but our state of Ohio cookie cutter is our latest addition.

  1. Ornaments

You can never have too many ornaments. Our beautiful bird ornament or wooden snowflake ornament would make the perfect gift.

  1. Socks

Each pair has a unique design, just like the people on your shopping list. Check out our cardinal socks, our peacock socks or our tree socks! Stop in to see which pair is perfect for you to gift.

  1. Candles

This year, we have a large variety of candles to choose from. Whether you prefer the fresh scent of a Christmas Tree or the warm scent of Cinnamon Buns, these candles will be on everyone’s wish list.

  1. National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Wildflowers of North America by David M. Brandenburg

Written by Dawes Arboretum Botanist, David M. Brandenburg beautifully details the wildflowers in North America. This gift pairs perfectly with a visit to The Arboretum, where you can identify the wildflowers we have on our grounds!

  1. Coffee Mug

Know someone who can’t get through the morning without a cup of coffee? Get them a coffee mug from The Dawes Arboretum! Embellished with our logo, this mug would make a great gift for someone who loves to visit The Arboretum.

  1. Sweets!

If you have someone in your life with a sweet tooth, The Arboretum has no shortage of sweet treats. Whether it be chocolate covered pretzels or local honey or a candy bar, these treats make excellent stocking stuffers.