Fall Plant Sale! Fall Plant Sale! Read all about it!  

|  by Megan Fleischer, Display Gardens Manager

It’s the time of year that I look forward to most—where a perfect day consists of cool, crisp morning air that slowly warms as the day ages.  Jacket weather.  Football.  Tailgating.  Pumpkin-flavored everything.  It’s fall!  We made it, gardeners, another summer in the books.  But wait, before you go hanging up your tools and packing away your gloves, let’s talk about the benefits of planting in the fall.australis1

You’re not alone if you’ve held off from planting new plants right before the cold winter months set in.  In fact, it’s a very common question I get at The Arboretum.  However, you may be surprised to hear that a plant can establish itself in the ground by generating just as much new root growth in the fall than plants that were planted in spring of that same year.  These new roots will help to anchor the new plant into the ground—a necessity to prevent the plant from being heaved up out of the soil when the ground freezes.  Plus, fall’s traditionally cooler temperatures coupled with more frequent rainfall makes for ideal growing conditions for your plants.

Now that you have several more weeks of available planting time in your future, let’s talk about our Fall Perennial Plant Sale this Saturday, September 13,  10am – 5pm.

Several of the knock-out native perennials that will be available at our sale include:

  • Aruncus ‘Misty Lace’
  • Amsonia ‘Blue Ice’
  • Eupatorium ‘Phantom’
  • Panicum ‘Blood Brothers’
  • Aster ‘Kickin®Lilac Blue’
  • Baptisia australis
  • Iris versicolor
  • Physostegia ‘Vivid’
  • Heuchera a. ‘Marvelous Marble’
  • Phlox ‘Triple Play’
  • Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’
  • Panicum ‘Northwind’

DSC_0101 webIn addition to many more selections of native perennials we will have, be sure to peruse the trees and shrubs (some offered at discounted prices!) we will be showcasing at our sale as well.  Knowledgeable staff will be on hand to answer your gardening questions. We are also thrilled to have the folks at Scioto Gardens (www.sciotogardens.com) back again this year to feature their locally grown stock of native plants.  Hope to see you there!