Handmade Good Holiday Fair

November 7, 2014

10am – 4pm

Brandon Clayton, Visitors Services Director

There is certainly a lot of competition in the local “craft show” market with many churches, schools and farmers markets playing host to vendors for different events.  Our event is different!  The Handmade Goods Holiday Fair is more than a craft show, it is a vendor show that showcases handmade items by local artists.  The difference being that the vendors at this show will not have any mass produced, home-show type products like many craft shows.  Most other shows typically do not handpick their vendors and approve the products that are sold.  By doing this, we can assure that our vendors are offering a wide range of unique merchandise.  Our goal is to offer an event that celebrates local art and locally made merchandise.  Focusing on locally produced goods is a huge trend and we certainly were excited to be a part of that by offering a space to our local artists to sell their items.

This holiday themed show is a new event for The Dawes Arboretum; however it is the sequel to our first Handmade Goods Market that was held during Maple Syrup Madness last February.  We plan to hold both events again in future around the same times.  Having the show in November and in February is a great way for The Arboretum to offer a free, indoor event during chilly winter months.  Hope to see you there!