Looking for a fun outdoor activity for the whole family this fall near Columbus, Ohio! Come visit The Dawes Arboretum and view our scarecrow display throughout the month of October!

This year, we know that finding safe and fun family activities is more important than ever. At The Arboretum, you can safely view all of our scarecrow displays while also viewing in the breathtaking scenes of our fall foliage!

A few fast facts about our scarecrows before you visit…

  • The scarecrows will be on display along the Parkwoods Trail and around the Zand Education Center.
  • More than fifty scarecrows can be found on the grounds! Can you spot them all?
  • Eleven of our scarecrows were created by visitors and are a part of the Ex-straw-dinary Scarecrow Contest.
  • The scarecrows will only be here until October 31st!


To help ensure you have a spook-tacular time at our scarecrow event, we ask that non-members will pre-purchase their admission to The Arboretum. You can choose an arrival time and purchase your tickets through our website portal.

Vote for your Favorite Scarecrow!

After you visit The Arboretum and find all the scarecrows, be sure to vote for your favorite display!

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Take a Picture!

We encourage you to take a personal picture of your favorite scarecrow and share it with us on social media! You can tag us on Facebook by following our page. 

Fun Facts about Scarecrows

  • Scarecrows have been used to scare off birds from stealing farmers’ crops for over 3,000 years!
  • The world record for the largest number of scarecrows in one location is held by the National Forest Adventure Farm in the United Kingdom with 3,812 scarecrows!
  • While the actual scarecrow does scare away birds, the birds are more scared of the scent of humans left behind on the scarecrow!

More Scarecrow Fun Facts: