Help keep our planet clean by using a recycling bin instead of a trash can for many of your household materials.  Most can be used and reused to ensure a more Earth-friendly life cycle.  Think about setting up a composting area and buying products that are made with post-consumer waste or recycled materials.  


Plastic jugs stick around a landfill for one million years.  Plastic bags, like those used at the grocery store, could be on Earth for 20 to 1,000 years!


Paper Products

Newspapers take about six weeks to decompose, sheets of paper and paper towels two to four weeks, and some paper products over two months.



Aluminum cans could wait 80 to 200 years before completely decomposing.  Each soda can you toss could live longer than you do!  If recycled, it only takes around six weeks before it could be reused.



It can take over 500 years for glass to break down in a landfill, and over one million years in a body of water.


Styrofoam never decomposes.  It will be on Earth forever.