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Beman and Bertie Dawes married October 3, 1894.  They had five children and their decedents are still proud supporters and members of The Dawes Arboretum.

Beman Gates (1870 – 1953)

Born and raised in Marietta, Ohio, Beman was the third of six children of Rufus R. Dawes and Mary Gates Dawes; he was named after his grandfather Beman Gates. Beman Dawes’ father was a Civil War Brigadier General who served with the “Iron Brigade” and later operated a wholesale lumber business in Marietta.

Although Beman’s business interests would lead him away from lumber, he studied trees throughout his life. Mr. Dawes was a leader in the gas and petroleum industry in central Ohio. In 1914, he was the founding president of The Ohio Cities Gas Company that later became The Pure Oil Company, known for its blue and white English style cottage gas stations.

Beman served two terms in Congress representing the 15th Congressional District of Ohio from 1905-1909. His oldest brother, Charles, was Vice President of the United States under Calvin Coolidge from 1925 – 1929.

Bertie Burr (1872 – 1958)

Born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Bertie was the second of four children of Carlos C. Burr and Mary Smith Burr. Bertie’s father was an attorney and served as Mayor of Lincoln and as State Senator.

At the age of 19, Bertie was awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal for saving two women from drowning.
On October 3, 1894, Bertie Burr married Beman G. Dawes in Lincoln.   Together the couple raised five children who later became founding Trustees of The Dawes Arboretum.

Bertie Dawes was a self-taught naturalist who enjoyed gardening, fishing, shell and butterfly collecting, bird watching and photography.

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