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There are nearly 16,000 living trees and shrubs on The Arboretum’s grounds, and most are hardy in central Ohio. Of these plants, nearly 5,000 are unique names.

Plant Search

Records kept for each plant include specific location, scientific and common names, origin and age. The plants listed in this database are not for sale. We sell plants at our spring and fall sales, Arbor Day and in the gift shop.  By clicking the link below, you are opening a new browser window to Arboretum Explorer, a database where you are able to search for plants found at The Dawes Arboretum.  Arboretum Explorer is an external website and is not The Dawes Arboretum’s main website.

Collection Groups

The Dawes Arboretum strives to provide the public, special interest groups, and scientific community a well documented, well-labeled, accurate, and diverse collection. We obtain as many representatives of families, genera, species and infraspecific taxa as can be grown in central Ohio to facilitate education, conservation, and research.

Our goal is to obtain certain genera in comprehensive collections, which include all species, lower ranks, and registered or published cultivars hardy, or suspected hardy, in this climate. The comprehensive collections at this time include the following genera:

  • Acer (maple) *Nationally Accredited Plant Collections
  • Aesculus (buckeye, horse-chestnut) *Nationally Accredited Plant Collections
  • Buxus (boxwood)
  • Chamaecyparis (false cypress)
  • Ginkgo (ginkgo)
  • Hamamelis (witch-hazel) *Nationally Accredited Plant Collections
  • Ilex (holly)
  • Metasequoia (dawn-redwood)*Nationally Accredited Plant Collections
  • Picea (spruce)
  • Quercus (oak)
  • Viburnum (viburnum)

Contact Info

Toll-Free: 800.44.DAWES
Phone: 740.323.2355
Email: information@dawesarb.org
Mailing address:
7770 Jacksontown Rd., SE
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