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Dawes Lake

This area is located in the southern end of our Main Grounds.  Discover trees and shrubs, deciduous and evergreen conifers, an 8-acre pond with an island and amazing Hedge Lettering.

The spring and summer seasons offer some of the most eye-catching flowering trees. The huge blooms on the magnolias and rows of crab apple trees with colorful blossoms are not to be missed! Fall and winter seasons are an incredible time to visit the Conifer Glen.  Miniature, dwarf, compact, intermediate and full-size specimens of conifers are abundant throughout our exceptionally landscaped collection.  Bridges and boardwalks help guide you through this remarkable 14-acre collection.
The climb up our 36-foot Outlook Tower is worth the lofty trek in any season! Not only can you see for miles, but it’s the best view of our 2,040-foot-long Hedge Lettering, spelling out “Dawes Arboretum.” The tower is located at the far southeast corner of The Arboretum.